Twin Palms Neighborhood Entry Sign Dedication

After over a year of postponements due to COVID, the formal dedication of the Twin Palms Neighborhood Entry sign was held on September 18, 2021 at 9:00 am. A plaque memorializing the roles of the Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization and the Twin Palms Homeowners Association in creating the monument sign was unveiled.

On behalf of the TPNO Advisory Board, Larry Johnson welcomed everyone to the Dedication ceremony which culminates the long road from membership approval and funding of the sign several years ago to its construction last year.  He shared the monument sign’s history from design development and approval, identification of an appropriate location, obtaining City permits/approval, and finally completing construction during the height of the pandemic.

Larry highlighted some of the signs key design elements.  The lettering is based on the font William Krisel developed in 1957 for the Ocotillo Lodge sales brochure.  The butterfly roof line feature is a nod to this classic Krisel architectural element.  The construction with concrete blocks and two breeze blocks reflects the building materials used in many mid-century homes, and our goal of building a sign that would last for decades with minimal maintenance. 

The Twin Palms HOA was recognized for their partnership in bringing the sign to life include their pivotal agreement to place the sign on their condominium grounds.  John Lacombe, former member of the Twin Palms HOA, shared the HOA’s role in rerouting the irrigation system around the sign, connecting the lighting with their electrical grid, and installing the rock boarder and cactus landscaping.

Lisa Middleton, District 5 City Councilperson, and long time supporter of the Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization, was introduced .  She shared her thoughts on the importance of neighborhood organizations to the health and vibrancy of Palm Springs, and congratulated TPNO on the dedication of this new neighborhood landmark.

Members of the TPNO Advisory Board and the Twin Palms HOA Board in attendance were introduced.  These members joined with Council member Lisa Middleton to unveil a commemorative plaque to be affixed to the sign.

Larry Johnson, Treasurer, Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization (TPNO)
Photo Credit: Mark Hauser

Lisa Middleton, Palm Springs District 5 Council member, addressing attendees
Photo Credit: Larry Johnson

Lisa Middleton and attendees
Photo Credit: Larry Johnson

Jeffrey Burnell, Treasurer, Twin Palms Condominiums HOA, Carol Munro, TPNO Board member, Lisa Middleton, District 5 Council member, and Eric Chiel, TPNO Board Member
Photo Credit: Larry Johnson

Jeffrey Burnell, Carol Munro, Lisa Middleton,and Eric Chiel
Photo Credit: Vivian Chiel

Photo Credit: Eric Chiel

Certificates of Appreciation were presented by Eric Chiel, TPNO Board member, to two local businesses. H3K Home and Design played the lead in designing the monument sign, and Hoyt Construction build the sign. Eric was thanked for creating the beautiful framed certificates.

Eric highlighted several upcoming Fall TPNO activities including the Free Walking Tours for neighborhood residents and the General Membership meeting on November 20, 2021. Larry thanked everyone who participated in today’s Dedication ceremony and thanked everyone who attended.

Larry Johnson
Photo Credit:  Vivian Chiel

Brian Wolbaum, H3K Home and Design representative
Photo Credit:  Vivian Chiel

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Click Image for larger view

Jeffrey Burnell and John Lacombe, former Twin Palms HOA Board member
Photo Credit:  Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson and John Lacombe
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Burnell

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