For the fourth year in a row, TPNO hosted a booth at the annual ONE-PS picnic held on Saturday, March, 24, 2018. It was a festive event with dozens of booths hosted by local neighborhoods and local civic and governmental agencies.

The TPNO booth features our new William Krisel Twin Palms Exhibit. We received rave reviews from everyone who visited our booth. The lucky winner of our raffle received a copy of the book “William Krisel’s Palm Springs, the Language of Modernism”, signed by one of the authors Chris Menrad, and two sets of the breeze coasters we commissioned for the 2018 Twin Palms Modernism Tour.

Special thanks to the following people who staffed the booth from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and helped to set up and take down the booth with 2 tents, 6 tables, our banner and the exhibit: Eric Chiel, Vivian Chiel, Layla Maxwell, and Teri Saipino, and Larry Johnson. Thanks also to Barb Scott who handled publicity and recruitment of volunteers.