Ocotillo Lodge Sign Dedication Ceremony.

On February 5, 2024, the Ocotillo Lodge HOA hosted a Dedication Ceremony at 10:00 am for the unveiling of the two new entry portico signs restoring the original William Krisel design. The program included remarks from representatives of the Ocotillo Lodge HOA, residents of Twin Palms, and the City of Palms Springs. Over 30 people attended the Ceremony.

The Dedication program was MC’d by Tony Vardaro, Ocotillo Lodge HOA President. We welcomed everyone and gave a brief history of the sign and why its restoration is so meaningful.

The restored sign was hand drawn by Mr. Krisel in 1956, based on a font called Neuland. He revised the font, and laid out the letters not in a straight line, but with the letters on different planes, and overlapped some letters. Krisel also designed the 11-sided amorphous shape that frames the backlit lettering.

Tony introduced the following speakers:

Jeffery Bernstein, Palm Springs Mayor
Chris Menrad, Krisel Expert and local historian
Eric Chiel, Foundering Chair of Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization
Carol Munro, current chair of Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization
Curtis Kiepprien, Ocotillo Lodge HOA Vice President

Tony thanked the funding donors whose gifts underwrote the cost of the signs. He thanked William Krisel who earmarked a $1,000 donation back in 2016, the Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization for a recent $3,500 grant, and the Ocotillo Lodge owners for funding the balance of the cost with funds for their 2023 Modernism Tour. He read the inscription on the plaque commemorating today’s sign Dedication which will be permanently displayed in the Ocotillo Lodge Lobby.

Tony thanked everyone for attending and encourage everyone to look at the historical pictures of the Ocotillo Lodge, in its early years in the late 1950’s, displayed throughout the club house and the lobby.

Shown below are some pictures of the speakers and attendees.