General Membership April 30, 2022 Social Event Meeting.

The fourth Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization (TPNO) General Membership Social meeting was held at the Twin Palms Condominiums’ East pool/cabana area at 1:00 pm on Saturday, April 30, 2022. The theme was an old-fashion ice cream social. Attendees could choose between 9 ice cream flavors, with toppings including chocolate, hot fudge, caramel syrup, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and nuts. Soft drinks, water and homemade cookies baked my several residents rounded out the menu.

Despite warm temperatures in the mid 90’s, a gentle breeze and the shade from the cabana made for a comfortable setting.  A short business/announcement meeting was held at 1:30. Jeffery Burnell, President of the Twin Palms Condominiums HOA Board, welcomed  the attendees. Jeffery said he hoped the event will continue to build stronger relationships between Twin Palms HOA residents and residents of the Twin Palms neighborhood.  Larry Johnson, TPNO Board member, thanked the Twin Palms HOA for opening their beautiful gated common area for today’s event.

Larry Johnson reported that the TPNO Advisory Board members elected at the April 2nd General Membership Annual Meeting held their first organizational meeting recently. He introduced Carol Munro, the new Chairperson. Carol announced the other officers:  Jeff Hoffman, Vice-Chair, Larry Johnson, Treasurer, Tony Vardaro, Secretary, and Jeffery Burnell, Communications Officer.

Carol invited Eric Chiel to come forward to receive special recognition. He retired from the Board at the April 2nd meeting for the second time..  He was the first TPNO Chairperson and served for many years before retiring several years ago.  He rejoined the Board last Fall to help relaunch the organization after a more then year-long hiatus due to Covid.

Larry presented Eric with a special gift to thank him for his recent service on the Advisory Board– the new Monopoly Palm Springs Edition.  Eric thanked everyone for the fun gift, and said he plans to stay active as a TPNO volunteer. While he had the floor, Eric reported that his April 24th Preservation Matters Symposium presentation “Creating the Twin Palms Blade Sign” was well received by the 400 conference attendees.

Carol asked for approval of the April 2, 2022 General Membership Annual Meeting minutes sent out in advance and noted the copies were also available today on all the tables.  It was Moved/Seconded/ Carried to approve the minutes with the inclusion of several non-substantive editorial corrections.

Carol shared that the Board and the Modernism Committee will soon begin planning for the 2023 Twin Palms Modernism Week Home Tour.  Anyone interested in having their home considered for inclusion in the 2023 tour was encouraged to contact any of the TPNO Board members.

Attendees were also encouraged to fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and share with the Advisory Board their ideas for future social events, issues of concern, or ideas for other future activities.  Everyone was also reminded that we are accepting voluntary membership dues of $25 a year.

Carol thanked everyone for attending today. She again thanked the Twin Palms HOA for providing the beautiful venue, the volunteers who handled all the logistics including registration and event set up, and special mention to the bakers who shared their home made cookies with all of us.