General Membership April 2, 2022 Annual Meeting.

The Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization held its Eight Annual General Membership meeting on Saturday, April 2, 2022 at 10:15 am at the clubhouse of the historic Ocotillo Lodge. The agenda included elections for new Advisory Board members.

40 people enjoyed pastries and beverages from Aspen Mills Bakery during registration and a boxed lunch following the formal portion of the meeting. These informal portions of the meeting provided attendees with the opportunity to socialize with their neighbors.

The meeting featured 2 guest speakers.  Local author and historian Eric Meeks shared stories of “Twin Palms Celebrity Past” based on his experiences growing up and work in real estate in Palm Springs. Over the years he interacted with many famous people from Frank Sinatra to Betty Ford.  He highlighted celebrities who have lived in Twin Palms over the years.   He also shared information about many of the most architecturally noteworthy Palm Springs commercial buildings.  Following his presentation there was a Q&A session.

Our other speaker was Lt. Mike Villegas of the Palm Springs Police Department. He shared information on the new police chief, and the fact the PSPD remains understaffed dispute sustained recruitment efforts.  Lt. Villegas addressed questions from attendees regarding crime in Twin Palms and throughout the City, and actions residents could take to increase their security.

A major agenda item was the election of a new slate of Advisory Board members as called for every two years by our By-Laws. All six declared candidates for election to the Board submitted written statements and were given the opportunity to introduce themselves. Based on the results of the written ballots, all six candidates were elected to the Board.

Other meeting highlights included recapping accomplishments since the November 2021 General Membership meeting including our successful Twin Palms Modernism Week Home tour, first member orientation session, and two complementary guided walking tours for Twin Palms residents; an update on the William Krisel’s Twin Palms Exhibit; and ongoing activities including the current Financial Report, 2022 membership campaign, website and ONE-PS activities.

Everyone was invited to attend the upcoming April 30th General Membership Social Event to be held at the East Pool/Cabana area of the Twin Palms Condominiums. This years theme is an old-fashioned ice cream social.

The meeting concluded with an overview of future activities including the April 24th Preservation  Matters Conference; identifying potential homes for the 2023 Twin Palms Modernism Tour; and opportunities for volunteer engagement.