2019 Voluntary TPNO Dues.

The TPNO Advisory Board set a goal of raising at least $1,000 in voluntary membership dues in 2019. Voluntary dues are $25 per household.

The Board would like to thank and recognize the 44 households that paid dues in 2019 and helped us exceed our goal.

Fred Buller
Mark and Angela Mrozer
Harold Whitson
Shannon Metcalf and Blair Shehan
Annie Moore and Ann Woolson
Megan and Jack Cassette
Ronald and Valoree Jack
Alex Quintana and Alan Beardslee
Connie Meredith
Joseph Harvey and Richard Horn
Thomas Desimone
Robert Vauthier and Brent Apt
Kevin and Connie Fruhwirth
Brian and Victoria Balthazar
Patrick Henry
Dorothy Duffy and Tarin O’Brien
Larry Johnson and Jerry Koppelo
Eric and Viv Chiel
Jim High and Gary Kramer
Stan and Jan Sartor
Pam Keating
Wilma Smelcer
Marvin and Linda Geistlinger
Colleen Clark and David Ross
Blount Hunter and Michael Dukes
Carol Buckman and Kevin Goddess
Deb Greco and Brad Parker
Erna deRath and Karen and Suzanne deRath
Diane Sexton
Hung Fan and Michael Feldman
Paul Rafail and Greg Roth
Paul Stevens and Ron Weaver
Wally and Sheila Brown
Marilyn Merserean and Kristin Laymon
Alaina Bixon and David Demartini
John Lacombe and James Sowa
Dean Clark
Bertil Lindblad
Paul Stevens and Ron Weaver
Fred Minniti and Holly Minniti
Tom DeSimone
Patrick Henry
Robert Jimenez and Bill Fletcher
Carol Munro

If you are interested in becoming a voluntary dues paying member household for 2020, you can print out the form from this website. Just click on Documents at the top of this Homepage, scroll down to Orientation materials and click on Dues and Donation Form.

The completed Membership form, and a check made out to the Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization, can be mailed to TPNO, P.O. Box 4004, Palm Springs, California 92263.

We hope you will consider joining us in meeting and hopefully exceeding our 2020 membership goal of $1,200.

Download 2020 Membership Form