William Krisel’s Twin Palms Exhibit at the Palm Springs Public Library.

The Palm Springs Public Library is hosting the William Krisel’s Twin Palm Exhibit from October 15, 2018 to November 24, 2018 in the main reading room.

To date, this is the longest running public display of the newly expanded Krisel Exhibit.  The Library has the Exhibit posted on its website and also on the electronic sign board in front of the Library.  TPNO hosted a special showing for invited guests on October 24th.

A fifth panel has been added to the Exhibit that features the William Krisel Way Street Dedication that was held in February 2016.  More details about the Exhibit are included in the Exhibit Description below.

The response from visitors has been very positive as they have learned about Mr. Krisel and the history of our Twin Palms Neighborhood.